Based on a vision -- to become a premier global conductor supplier,
Taifini Copper & Conductor Inc. was organized in 1991 and has been majoring in manufacturing of copper wire products since then. The company is headquartered in South Taipei, Taiwan, and owns a 600,000 square foot manufacturing plant in the Philippines, employing around 120 people. The company started business producing copper wires for specific customers. Through the years, it has now turned into a company with comprehensive product lines and monthly output of 800 ~ 1000 metric tons of copper wires, some of which are now exported to the USA, Europe and Japan. The capacity parallels growth of the company.

The Directors of Taifini have been involving in cable wire industry for over 30 years. Combining with the strategic Management, there is a total of over a century experiences in this field. The dedication to innovation and excellence today is as thorough as they first started the business, which results in the company's promise.

You can find in Taifini a combination of Asian and European technology and technique. Experience experts from Asia and Europe are devoting themselves to various projects; state-of-the-art machines from Germany, Japan, Italy and Taiwan assure product consistency; quality materials are obtained on a worldwide basis; dedicated, hard-working and highly qualified personal work on production lines at 2 shifts, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week; continuous training and educational program are installed. All of these are our strengths to produce right products for the right jobs.

Head Office
Taoyuan, Taiwan

Taiwan Factory
Taoyuan, Taiwan

Philippines Factory
Bo. Maguyam, Silang, Cavite, Philippines


We are able to draw from rod to ultra-fine wires,
We are able to produce plain copper, tinned copper and copper alloy,
We are able to strand copper from the elementary to the most complex,
We manufacture to ASTM, JIS, DIN, VDE and customized specifications.

True Concentric
Equally Concentric
Unilay Concentric
Undirectional Concentric
Semi Concentric ( Smooth Bunch)
Bunch Wire


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A combination of
TAIwan investments,
FIlipino work force, and
NIppon technicians